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HELIOS Organic

The world of pasta is changing!

We can now combine high nutritional value and a wonderful flavour, free of pesticides and chemical additives. Wheat, one of Nature’s greatest gifts, is even more flavoursome when it’s organic.

The HELIOS Pasta Industry puts its signature on the new range of organic pasta produced at its facilities and certified by DIO (Inspection and Certification of Organic Products).

You will be thrilled to find it in the widest variety on the market:

Long-cut pasta

Spagetti Espressi
Macaroni 2 for pastitsio
Spaghetti 6
Spaghettini 10

Short-cut pasta

Penne rigate
Cut macaroni
Letters & Numbers
Hilipitaki Squares



Oven pasta

Lasagne sheet

Whole wheat

Spaghetti 6
Penne Rigate
Lasagne sheet

Cous cous

Cous cous Backwheat
Cous cous Chickpea & Red Lentil
Cous cous Kids Corn, Rice & Chickpea

Organic emmer - farro dicocco wheat - life giving land

Spaghetti 6
Penne Rigate

Organic emmer - whole dicocco wheat - life giving land

Macaroni 5
Spaghetti 6
Penne Rigate

HELIOS Organic Catalogue

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