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The HELIOS Pasta Industry, which has raised many generations of Greeks with the invariable and well-known quality of its products, is able to offer you an enormous range of pasta and much more...  


The well-known HELIOS pasta meets all your requirements...

The largest variety of pasta shapes produced in Greece divided into two categories, long-cut (better known as macaroni) and short-cut (pasta we are all familiar with, such as penne, orzo, etc). Apart from the pasta we have all come to love, like Golden spaghettini, Golden manestra and manestraki, the special category, includes the one-of-a-kind Spaghetti Espressi, which is ready in just 2 minutes.

In the special pasta category you can find:

nests of vermicelli and tagliatelles
vegetable pasta made from 100% natural raw materials! And top-quality stuffed pasta both for your special creations as well as the daily menu
a variety of pasta made from whole wheat semolina which first became available on the Greek market in 1983, the only one rich in dietary fibres (10%)
and finally egg noodles made to a traditional recipe using 4 eggs and whole milk to ensure HELIOS quality.

The very best semolina from the heart of durum wheat for your desserts and main dishes, in two types.


And now for our demanding customers, premium quality HELIOS in a box. A large variety of macaroni, short-cut pasta and pasta made from whole wheat semolina.


For those customers who insist on organic products, we have enhanced our range with the only Greek brand-name organic pasta, long-cut and short-cut, in a wide variety and certified by DIO.


At HELIOS Catering professionals can find pasta of guaranteed and unwavering quality for all their creations that will meet their demands for all types and shapes of pasta.


Let the Rhodes sun and the Italian air inspire you with our varieties ROSOL & SAN ANTONIO.


Tell us what you want and due to the high standards of our products, our experience and our immediate response we can ensure a rise in the sales of products bearing your private label.


The well-known Italian industries producing sauces, appetizers and dressings, SACLA & LA COLLINA TOSCANA, are imported into Greece by HELIOS...

HELIOS also brings you the Italian corn pasta MOLINO DI FERRO with a conventional and an organic range. A solution for those with celiac disease (gluten intolerance) and not only them...

We choose rechargeable batteries.

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