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9. Do some pasta shapes go better with sauce than others?

Spaghetti and Spaghettini go better with light sauces, with seafood, or even just with grated cheese or olive oil. Hollow pasta such as Νο 3 or Νο 5 is better suited to heavier sauces, while short-cut pasta like orzo, twist, penne, etc. goes well with chopped vegetables or in salads.

More specifically, for the following categories of dishes, we propose pasta shapes as below:

  • Butter or oil:  Golden spaghettini, linguine, spaghetti 6, spaghettini 10, lasagne, farfalle, twist, spaghettini 7, trombette, elbow, spaghettini 11 and penne.
  • Cream or cheese: Spaghettini 11, gnocchi, farfalle, lasagne, twist, shell, Spaghetti Espressi, elbow rigate, penne rigate, linguine, rigatoni, margherita, golden spaghettini, macaroni 5, spaghetti 6, tagliatelle and spaghettini 7.
  • Tomato: Spaghetti Espressi, golden spaghettini, spaghetti 10, linguine, orzo, vermicelli thick, penne rigate, macaroni 5, spaghettini 11, twist, shell, farfalle, gnocchi, spaghetti 6 and elbow rigate.
  • Soups: Rizo fine, rizo large, peponaki, soussamaki, couscous, astraki, letters & numbers, vermicelli fine.
  • Salads: Cut macaroni medium, shell fine, twist, orzo, trombette, margherita, cut macaroni fine, elbow, penne, grapes, elbow rigate, penne rigate, gnocchi, farfalle and racchette.
  • Oven-baked: Golden manestra, macaroni 1, egg noodles ‘Roumeliotiko’, lasagne, cut macaroni large, macaroni 2, egg noodles ‘Velouhi’, penne rigate, rigatoni, macaroni 3, orzo large, macaroni 5, gnocchi, lasagne sheets and shell.
  • Seafood: Linguine, gnocchi, spaghetti 6, cut macaroni medium, elbow, shell fine, cut macaroni fine, spaghettini 7, golden spaghettini, farfalle and shell.
  • Meat: Lasagne, tagliatelle, farfalle, twist, linguine, macaroni 5, rigatoni, trombette, cut macaroni large and margherita.

In general the combination of pasta shape and sauce is a matter of preference.

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