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1. How is pasta produced?

The main raw material for making pasta in Greece is durum wheat semolina and to produce it the following steps are taken:

  1.  Delivery of semolina
    The semolina for pasta-making is transported in special silo vehicles and stored in cylindrical metal storage bins (silos).
  2. Supply of production line
    After the semolina is filtered to remove any foreign objects, it is forwarded to the production line which begins with the kneading-machines.
  3. Mixing – production of dough
    In the kneading-machines the semolina is mixed with water in a vacuum and smooth, pliable dough is produced. 
  4. Shaping   
    The dough passes through special dies to acquire the various shapes, such as spaghetti, twist, penne, orzo, vermicelli, etc. 
  5. Cutting
    It is then cut to the desired length.
  6. Drying
    This process has two stages: pre-drying when most of the moisture is gradually removed and drying when the final moisture level in each product is reduced to the required value.
    Moisture is removed in both stages by using hot air.
  7. Cooling
    Drying is followed by the cooling stage, when the product is left for a certain period of time at room temperature so that drying stops and its moisture content stabilizes. It is then ready to be packaged.
  8. Packaging
    The product is packed in cellophane or in a carton. Each package bears the expiry date and the lot number. Its weight is automatically checked before passing through a metal detector.
    The packages are then placed in cardboard boxes and stacked on pallets. Each pallet is wrapped in stretch film, coded and moved to the warehouse.
  9. Storage  
    The product is stored in a clean place under controlled conditions of humidity and temperature (cool dry environment).

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