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The following information will be useful in case you want to contact HELIOS Pasta Industry.

The address of our offices and factory is:

11th km ATHENS-LAMIA National Road
14451 Metamorfosi – Attica

Telephone contact:
Tel : 210 2840140-7
Fax : 210 2816787
E-mail info@heliospasta.gr

Office opening hours:
Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 16:00

It’s as easy to find us as it is to prepare a simple pasta dish; you just need to travel up the Athens-Lamia National Road.
Regardless of the direction in which you are heading, whether towards Lamia or Piraeus, leave the National Road at the Metamorfosi exit, head up onto the bridge and turn left towards Mount Parnes.

At the end of the bridge, make a u-turn and enter the side-road in the direction of Piraeus. 1000 metres down the road, after the bridge of Metamorfossis-Parnithos and at the coordinates:
LATITUDE: 38Ο 03΄52,09’’ N
LONGITUDE: 23Ο 44΄57,54’’ E

you will find the factory, where we await you with a smile.

...and don’t forget that for whoever is curious to see how pasta is made, we can arrange an interesting tour around our factory.

If you have a query or comment to make about our website, contact us at support@heliospasta.gr

Location Map

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We turn off the lights each time we leave a room.

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11th km Athens-Lamia National Road,
14451 Metamorfosi, Attica, Greece
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