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Pasta is recommended as a staple food for all age groups as it contains few calories, when 50% of adults’ total daily energy intake must come from carbohydrates. As we also realize how important it is for children that their food is above all tasty and attractive in appearance, we have created pasta in original shapes that makes mealtime an enjoyable game.

Which child, and not only children, can resist a plateful of pasta? Even an overweight child can be helped in his efforts to control his weight by eating a plateful of pasta with a simple tomato sauce.

Pasta is the basis of a healthy diet for your child. Its exceptional energy supply, its low fat and sodium content, the non-addition of sugar and salt, its high amounts of protein – it contains more protein than rice or potato – and the fact that it is a source of dietary fibres, carbohydrates and vitamins, all go to make a balanced food for a child. If we add its attractive shapes that children love, then we have a wonderful solution for every mother that saves her from the daily nightmare of what to cook that the child will eat.

The ‘HELIOS’ Pasta Industry offers many products that children love, such as racchette, margherita, trombette, letters and numbers, grapes, astraki and twist with tomato and spinach.

The new range of organic pasta from ‘HELIOS’ includes letters and numbers which our young friends find thrilling.

We use our bicycle - if we have one - instead of the car.

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