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The company’s offices, industrial facilities and warehouses are privately owned and are located at the 11th km. of the Athens-Lamia National Road in the area of Metamorfosi, Attica, at the intersection of the Attica Way (exit 8) with the Athens-Lamia National Road.

The company, constantly aiming at the high quality of its products and its smooth operation, carried out significant investments between 1997 and 2008 with a high degree of self-financing, so as to modernize and be in a position to face up to increased competition.

These investments concern building infrastructure, production and packaging lines, which are able to package in cellophane or boxes, the machinery supplying raw materials, the silo storing raw materials and ready products and computerization with the ERP system.

Our vision is for our name to be timelessly identified with products with which our customers are totally satisfied. To this end we responsibly select our raw materials, we make sure the conditions of production, storage and transport of products agree with international practice, we invest in updating and training our personnel, while at the same time we have developed and apply the Food Safety Management System in accordance with ISO 22000:2018 which includes activities from the delivery of semolina and auxiliary materials up to the distribution of the products we produce.
We try to share a carpool with our friends.

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Panagiotis Sp. Dakos S.A. Pasta and Food Products,
11th km Athens-Lamia National Road,
14451 Metamorfosi, Attica, Greece
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