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"Our quality, your brand”

The HELIOS Pasta Industry can produce pasta under your own brand name at competitive prices and in more than 80 shapes.
We produce products bearing the brand name of large chain stores in both the Greek and European markets, as well as products for many companies throughout the world.
We are also the only Greek pasta industry producing "special” products, like pasta with added gluten or soya, organic pasta, etc.

FDA approved, ΕΝ ISO 9001:2008, ΕΝ ISO 22000:2005, EN ISO 9001:2015 και IFS V.6 by TUV Austria Hellas, the strictest certification in the production process, and we always use top-quality raw materials, you can be sure that the products bearing your name are the best there is for your customers.

As we have both the knowledge and the ability to make really special pasta.

We switch off electrical appliances when not in use (eg. television, laptop, stereo/radio).

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