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The professional path of the family of Panagiotis Dakos – the present main shareholder in ‘HELIOS’ Pasta Industry – began in 1875, when his grandfather, Ioannis Dakos, built the first flour mill in Avlona, Attica.

His son Spyridon, father of Panagiotis Dakos, who succeeded him in 1924, managed with hard work and investments to become involved in the developments of the time. Despite the destruction during the 2nd World War and the Occupation, the family managed to recover and in 1949, Panagiotis Dakos took up the reins of the company. His continuous investments and forcefulness took the company to 3rd place in Greek semolina production.

In 1995 he bought the entire block of shares of ‘HELIOS’ Pasta Industry and the 21st century found the company ‘PANAGIOTIS DAKOS MILLS’ in the process of completing modernization and extending the existing facilities.

Today ‘PANAGIOTIS DAKOS MILLS’ produces more than 50 different kinds of flour, semolina, mixtures and other cereals, satisfying the entire range of market needs. Continuing the family tradition, the 4th generation is now involved in the enterprise.

The single administration of the two companies lends the ‘HELIOS’ Pasta Industry the character of a vertically integrated unit. As the ‘PANAGIOTIS DAKOS MILLS’ are the sole suppliers of the raw material for pasta, they have the advantage of being able to directly control quality and at the same time flexibility in production according to market demands.

We choose glass containers.

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